tirsdag den 23. oktober 2012

Fire shows in Thailand

Fire shows has been part of the beach entertainment for more than 20 years.
Thailand is a great place place to practice fire juggling, the tropical nights, the early sunset and the great beaches is making Thailand one of the best spots for fire shows. 
I stayed in Thailand for a month doing fire on regular basis together with another Danish fire performer.
We visited the famous full moon festival at Koh Phangan where thousands of people go to celebrate and performed with some local fire performers and other tourists all night long.

mandag den 3. september 2012

Performing in the amusement park

Once again I spend my summer Performing at Dyrehavsbakken North of Copenhagen.
It is said that Bakken is the oldest amusement park in the world.
I was doing a lot of small shows at various places in the park everyday.
It's a kind of high energy street show with no talking but a lot of old timer music.
I was also performing with some of my table entertainment tricks juggling plates and spoons.
By the end of the season I was working a bit with my parrot Tanja, she will very soon will be completely ready for shows.


tirsdag den 19. juni 2012


I am back home after six month of cruising with Celebrity Crises in Caribbean.

We where sailing passengers from New York to the Caribbean islands.

I was working as a juggling mime and physical comedian in a big production show on the beautiful ship Silhouette.

We had access to a lot of the the luxury onboard the ship but it was also quite a challenge to be part of the crew at a ship at sea sometimes.

I was practicing a lot onboard trying to be at my best for the big show.

In the show i had to to solo acts.
A Devilstick act and a Diabolo act, I also did a short opening sequence with a contact juggling ball.

Before the actual show I had a small pre show some miming and clowning with the guests.
We where 4 circus artist in the show and 10 dancers, some of the dancers also did circus acts.
The music was done by 4 singers who also took part in the show choreography and some musicians on side of the stage.

The audience really liked my performance and I had many compliments after the show.

We also had the opportunity to see a bit of the world.

After five month of caribbean cruises we crossed the atlantic ocean and ended the cruise with 2 cruises in south of europe.

It was great to be part of a international production and i am looking forward to work abroad again.