fredag den 10. november 2017

Shanghai Busker Festival 2017 - "Outstanding Performance"

Once again performing in Shanghai at the Shanghai Busker Festival.

This time assisted by my beautiful assistant, helping me out with all my small props and so forth.

Shows went on according to plan at different locations in the big city.

I even got myself a price for "Outstanding performance"

It felt so good to get an official recognition of my work. Finally the long hours of persistent training opened some doors.

The show proved very popular among both children and adults. The non-verbal theatre worked well and we all had fun.

We shared the show locations with a girl from Colorado that did a juggling show.
The festival also  hosted a lot of bands playing traditional music, pop and some different entertainers.

We also had time to visit Shanghai Zoo. A truly amazing zoo in a huge park, with many animals and nice facilities.

I also got myself a new stack of stainless steel kitchen equipment to balance on my head. Such a funny sound when all that metal hits hits the floor. Bogooing!!

We also went to see the show in Circus World, a very nice show with superior Chinese circus artist

After the festival we went to Taiwan to visit and old friend from the Danish circus school. We also tried to do some shows but the pedestrian streets was crowded with shows and musicians.

However the Asian cities seems almost endless in volumen with all their markets and shopping areas. A new adventure always seems to be lurking round the next corner.

lørdag den 1. juli 2017

Bakken 2017 - Rock 'n' Roll

Cruising on my bike playing some Boogie Woogie on the accordion. Every day a little better.  

A new diabolo trick, the diabolo stays up there for quite a long time.... ;O)

The parrot show working better than ever. Tanja is now able to do almost every trick without mistakes. She is much better at ignoring distractions and seems to be happy performing for the crowd.

mandag den 2. januar 2017

December 2016

December was very busy as usual. Driving around between different cities in the weekends. I did some family christmas shows, this picture is taken at the circus museum.
I was also performing 10 evenings at SOHO, this was a christmas dinnershow with a band. The band was playing some vintage rock 'n' roll for me, pretty awesome.
I also had a more special request performing some days at a nightclub during the busy night hours. I did som dancing, miming and juggling for the young crowd, they seemed amused.
 Dinner show new years eve in Cafe Vivaldi in central copenhagen.